International Patient Service

Dear Guest,

as one of the largest and highly specialized children’s hospitals in Germany, the AKK Altonaer Kinderkrankenhaus gGmbH has a long tradition of treating patients from abroad.

Our international guests come to us with a wide range of goals and expectations. In this sense, they are no different from our national patients. However, patients from abroad may encounter a number of potential hurdles during and after treatment, in particular administrative, planning and language issues. 

If you are interested in treatment for your child at Altonaer Kinderkrankenhaus and have questions concerning the costs or organisation of your stay, please don't hesitate to contact us by email:

To process your treatment request as efficiently as possible, and to enable us to propose an appropriate treatment, we need the following documents:

  • Typewritten medical reports, less than  3 months old, in German or English
  • Imaging (e.g., MRI, CT, X-rays), less than 3 months old (CD, format DICOM)
  • Laboratory test results
  • Copies of your passports (for registering you in our system)
  • Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Information

Please specify your needs as precisely as possible:

  • Which symptoms would you like treated?
  • Would you like us to perform all the related tests?
  • Are you seeking a specific treatment?
  • Should we provide you with a treatment proposal?

Cost estimate

After receiving your request, we will forward it to our medical experts who will decide if the requested treatment can be performed at our hospital. If treatment is possible, we will send you a cost estimate, usually within 14 weekdays. Please understand that all our cost estimates are as accurate as possible, but they are not binding, due to the character of often very individual medical treatments.

Advance payment

The full amount specified in the cost estimate must be deposited in our bank account before treatment begins. Please note that medical treatment cannot commence before the entire amount has been deposited. We cannot accept guarantees of cost coverage from embassies, consulates, ministries, insurance institutions, employers, etc. as a substitute.

Patient brokers

The AKK Altonaer Kinderkrankenhaus gGmbH does not maintain contractual relationships with individual patient brokers or brokerage agencies. Patients from brokers or agencies do not receive preferential treatment, and we do not pay any brokerage fees or charge to these.


The International Office will arrange all appointments at the facilities of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. The medical departments will gladly accommodate your wishes. 


If you need a medical visa to enter Germany, we will gladly provide you with an official invitation letter for the embassy. We require a photocopy of your passport and the passport of the person(s) accompanying you. Since the invitation must contain confirmation that the treatment costs are covered, the invitation can only be issued after receipt of payment. You may subsequently schedule an interview with the German embassy in your home country. Upon presentation of our invitation, a visa is usually issued without any complications.


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